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Need help with addiction?

Being controlled by an addiction is no way to live. We can connect you with people who are trained to help you overcome this and find new life!

Pregnant and Scared?

God has a beautiful plan for you and your baby! We can connect you with people who can help you and the new life you're growing!

Want out of the sex industry?

There are options. We can help you find new work, and start a new safe life full of hope and happiness.

God has a future for YOU.

Radical turnaround is the ONLY way out!

-Moderate changes won’t last, won’t work, and won’t change your life. -God calls you to turn around completely and go in the opposite direction. -There is freedom and provision in submission to God’s will!

God controls all finances

-Money earned the wrong way evaporates. -Seeking God first and pursuing His righteousness brings financial provision.

God is the Perfect Father

Did you know that God is the perfect father? The word “father” means something different to everyone. For some of us, father might mean a warm and loving provider. For others, our father may have Read more…

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