Street Teams

Path2Hope Street Teams go into the community with food and prayer, offering hope to all they find. We specifically go into neighborhoods where people are known to be struggling with many issues. People are always glad to see us and we have a lot of fun! Plus, we get to see God move in amazing ways!

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Guiding Hope

Guiding Hope is a group of Volunteers who have received special training from Path2Hope, enabling them to more effectively minister to and mentor broken and hurting people. From exploited women to people simply in need of a job we meet on the street, Guiding Hope serves in a valuable and rewarding capacity.


Redeeming Hope

Redeeming Hope is a group of female volunteers who work together to discover exploited women online and reach out to them with prayer and the Gospel. We work to establish relationships with the women and encourage, disciple, and mentor them so that they can come out of "the life" and move into NEW life.


Special Missions

Path2Hope works with private investigators and others to help people in very difficult situations. From missing persons to sex trafficking, we have rescued many from many types of problems. If you or someone you love is in a very difficult circumstance, please reach out to us. We are creative and can help in ways that doesn't put anyone at risk.

If you are a private investigator that would like to help people in dire straits that have nowhere else to turn, please reach out to us as well.