I Don't
Believe in God

Deep Down, What Do You Really Think?

Whether you're atheist or agnostic, we'd be more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. We have found there is ample scientific & historical to support a belief in God. Plus, all of us at Path 2 Hope have experienced Him!

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I'm Not Sure
God Wants Me

Yes, He Does.

You are His creation. There is nothing you have done that would make God not want you. No one is too far gone. We know how to usher you into His presence and restore a relationship with Him.

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I Don't Know
My Purpose

Your Creator Designed You With Purpose.

Study your fingers as you flex them. He designed you with a lot of care. You have giftings and talents that were given to do something.

We can help you discover what your purpose is!  

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I'm a Believer
But I'm Struggling

It's Time For an Abundant Life

Jesus promised to give us life and to give it abundantly. He never promised to eliminate all problems, but if you are a believer who is struggling with very serious things all the time, something may be wrong. We can help you release God's power into your life for transformation.

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