Path2Hope is a Christian non profit comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to helping broken people find freedom from oppression and pursue new life in Jesus Christ. We are passionate about helping others, and we do not judge or condemn. Our main area of focus is the state of Georgia. Our arrow is always pointed towards our own Savior and Liberator, Jesus Christ. A Statement of Faith, and additional information can be made available upon request. For this info, or more information on donating to our cause, email info@path2hope.org .


To mission of Path2Hope is to see broken people find hope in Jesus Christ.


To vision of Path2Hope is to see thousands of people’s lives transformed with purpose and power of Jesus Christ.


Core Values:

Faithfulness to God’s Call and the doctrines and practices of the Christian Faith
Commitment to the Mission
Operational Excellence
Operational Effectiveness
Operational Efficiency
Operational Creativity
Operational Security
Respect for the role of Law Enforcement
Persistence in the face of obstacles
Commitment to Godly Ethics in both operations and administration
Ethical treatment of Victims
Determination to Achieve Results
Flexibility & Openness to work with other organizations
Humility (We do not seek credit or recognition)