Alpha Ministries

In conjunction with Alpha Ministries, Path2Hope has launched PROJECT SHAGARDI!

Shagardi means discipleship.

Currently, we have a unique opportunity to successfully launch Christian sunday schools for children in 50 different Muslim villages in a specific region of a certain hard-to-reach country of South Asia near Afghanistan. Often, Muslim parents see a Christian school as a status symbol and are happy to let their children attend. Alpha Ministries has roughly 100 teachers lined up ready to launch schools as soon as they can be funded.

The cost to launch a school including teacher salary and all materials is a one-time cost of $1,500 per village. As of the posting of this page, 13 of the 50 villages are funded! But we still need funding for an additional 37 more. Would consider helping us take advantage of this amazing opportunity by donating today?

Watch the video above and spread the word!

Let's help Alpha Ministries reach South Asia for Christ!