What If God Is Right There Next to You?

When We're In DEEP WATER, many people get scared, mad and even doubt God's love for them.

But what if we just can't see reality clearly?

When you're in the deep, God knows you're there, and He is there WITH you.

Sometimes, He allows us to experience difficulty in order to drive us to swim towards Him. Sometimes, it's so we can learn confidence in the strength and abilities He's given. But He is aware and attentive, and just waiting for you to turn toward Him.

When you find yourself in a difficult time, SEEK God, Turn your eyes and look UPWARD. God wants you to believe and TRUST that He is there with you and WILL provide you with ALL you need to ride out the storm.

After the storm is over, you will look back in awe of what God has brought you through and how much stronger you have become.

This all takes place because God loves us and desires to make us more like Him. Even if we bring the hard times on ourselves, God still loves us and will use it for His glory.

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