We must put God FIRST in everything we do!

Nothing we have or do comes from ourselves. All we have and do is a gift from God. The desires we have, talents we possess, everything is given to us by God. Let us be grateful to Him!

Goals to adhere to:

1.) Set daily goals, even simple ones. Examples: Go the day without swearing. Pray before each meal.

2.) Aspire to make a difference. Allow God to use you to grow His kingdom.

3.) Get on your KNEES! Pray, Pray, Pray. Continually be in prayer seeking God in all you do.

We are given one life and we need to make the best of it. The only way to live a fulfilled and successful life is to die to self and choose Jesus! Give up the right to live YOUR life YOUR way and choose to live Gods way, a life that honors and pleases Him.