Free Your Soul 

Do you love yourself enough to set yourself free from your past, all the hurt and pain?

We seek forgiveness from others but we also need to forgive ourselves. We need to learn from our past, forgive and move FORWARD.

There is a better life and God desires the best for you BUT you must free your soul and accept HIM as LORD & SAVIOR. Accepting Him doesn't mean the next day life will be all roses, all problems are gone. It does mean that you will never have to go through life ALONE. Once accepted Christ the Holy Spirit will come into your soul and will be your guide, comforter, and strength. 

YOU were made in God's image and YOU were made for great things!

We've all been given one life and YOUR life is worth the time, effort and love needed to be all what God has planned for you.

Contact us @ 770-569-3375 and allow us to help you FREE YOUR SOUL.