You Heart Needs Hope.

When everything around us is falling apart, how do we keep hope?

Well, first, we should ask how you can know if you even need hope?

Have you recently found yourself saying “it’s hopeless” about something, or maybe even everything?

Do you feel like life has no purpose, no point, or is going down the tubes? Do you feel fear or anxiety rising up in you at times?

All of those things are indicators that you need hope. Without hope, life does become pointless. Why do anything? Might as well give up, we feel.

Hope is the antidote. Your heart cannot survive long without it. Without hope, depression will come over you swiftly with an overwhelming force.

The presence of Hope, however, is like the sun breaking through the clouds on a dreary day. It changes the mood, it changes our perceived future, it changes everything.

Yet, we do not want a false hope. We don’t need a false hope. We need real hope.

False hope can leave you worse off than you were before. You choose to place your trust in something that turned out to be not real? The spiritual injury from that can turn you into a “skeptical realist” who never trusts again.

No, hope must be based in something real.

And the only person in whom you can base real hope is God.

God is the foundation of true lasting hope.

Here are some things we know about Him (and millions of Christians will testify they also know by experiencing Him):

  • God is real & all-powerful
  • He is the Perfect Father
  • He cares deeply about you and wants to bless you.
  • He has a detailed purpose and plan for your life and is waiting for you to seek Him for it.
  • God is aware of you and all your needs and promises if you seek Him first, He will meet them all.
  • God knows the future.
  • God has made a way for you to be with Him forever in Heaven through the work of Jesus.

God has said that in this world there will be trouble, and that is part of His plan. He does not ask us to hope for perfection or a life of ease in this world.

On the contrary, He says to keep our hope in this: That He is working and has a plan, and that everything is working for the eternal good of those who love God.

So, when we see everything falling apart, let us remember that there is a God in Heaven, that He sees you, and that He will take care of your needs in the midst of the turbulence.

And that He is preparing a wonderful place for you where nothing falls apart and everything is blessed.

That is a great hope indeed!

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