It's Time for a Radical Turnaround!

What you've been doing hasn't been working, and slow change won't work either.
It's time for something completely different.



Take a Leap of Faith. Let's Start the Path.

What do we mean by start the path? A path consists of steps. Let's take the first steps in a new direction.

We know that God controls all finances, and that He doesn't allow His children to prosper through the wrong means. That He is a good Father who loves us perfectly and wants to bless us! We just have to do it His way, which according to Jesus' promise means to seek God and His Kingdom and His righteousness before all else in life. Then, God will take care of us financially.(If you doubt any of those things, please click here to learn more.

Right now, this is the most important thing to remember:

The only way to get different results is to do different things.

We recommend memorizing that and saying it to yourself over and over for a few days.

When things aren't working, you can't just make small changes to your life and hope for a radical difference. No, it's time for a 180 degree turn around. Choose to be radically different.

The way Jesus said it was, "No one pours new wine into old wineskins." (Mark 2:22)

In the old days, wine was held in something called a "wineskin" which was something like a leather canteen. A used wineskin would explode under the pressure of new wine fermenting inside it. You have to put new wine in a new wineskin.

HOMEWORK: Memorize the verse above (Mark 2:22) and repeat to yourself many times over the next days "Different results require different things being done."

We will soon have more content available on this site for your benefit, but for now, if you'd like one-on-one training, please reach out to us!

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