New 12Stone Small Group!

"IT'S JESUS! HE'S CHASING ME!" cried a pastor's daughter, tears streaming down her face, as a12Stone/Path2Hope Team ministered to her. She explained that she had strayed from her father’s teaching and had been lost in a life of promiscuity for several years. God used our team to reach her and let her know God was “chasing her.”

"I need prayer...I'm just so tired, so tired,” said a man in Lawrenceville who accepted Christ as Savior when a 12Stone/Path2Hope team met him. He’d been trying to make his way through a life in crime, but it wasn’t working and he was exhausted. Because our team reached him, he repented and got connected to 12Stone.

"I can't believe you're here...I've been in this room crying for three days praying for God to send me someone.” ~ young woman on whose door a 12Stone/Path2Hope team knocked.

Jesus commanded us to “go out” and make disciples!

This is your opportunity to answer Jesus’ call and make stories like this a part of your life.

ATTENTION: You don't need to be a gifted evangelist or even a people person! You don't have to have a lot of Bible knowledge or have all the answers.

We have discovered that if we just show up, God will do the rest!  

In partnership with 12Stone Church, we are launching several new outreach teams for Lawrenceville & Greater Gwinnett. If this opportunity interests you, sign up here!

How do we do it?

Simple: We visit regular people in struggling neighborhoods & offer doughnuts or breakfast sandwiches, which makes them very happy to see us! Then, we invite them to church and offer to pray for needs.

This simple method opens people up and gets great conversations started. You will be surprised at how much people will love seeing us, and the powerful things God will do.

And we guarantee you’ll have fun doing it!