This Tuesday (Sept. 15th) @ 7 PM

An Event Just for Women in the Life!


Like most people, you probably have questions and worries about the things happening in the United States these days!

From the riots to Coronavirus, people wonder what it all means. What does it mean for your future? What about the future of those you care about? is it going to get worse or better? You might be surprised to learn that hundreds of years ago, the Bible predicted many of the things you are seeing in the news today. And It tells us what's coming next!

We know these things are making a lot of people wonder.

So, Path2Hope created a special event just for Women in the Life so you could come and ask your questions, voice your fears and be heard, without being judged or critiized.

This Tuesday (Sept. 15th) @ 7 PM, COME to Liberty Books in Lawrenceville (address below) for a truly private event! You will get to meet other Women like you and ask about anything on your mind about the world, the Bible, prophecy...anything. There are NO dumb questions, only unasked ones!

Plus, there will be FREE FOOD, PASTRIES & COFFEE!

IMPORTANT: Liberty Books will be completely closed to customers that night and this event is not being advertised to the general public. No one will be there except Women in the Life (and their friends) and a few Path2Hope staff (all female except the Executive Director, Zack Mason, who will be teaching.)

Now, we know that you may have a lot of fears or reservations about coming, so let us say a few things clearly:

  • You will feel completely comfortable.
  • No one is going to preach at you or judge or criticize you.
  • Everyone else will be just like you.
  • You will not be asked to do anything, to go anywhere, or to buy anything.
  • You will be happy you came!

SERIOUSLY, we promise that when it's over, if you're not happy you came, we'll give your money back! (Ha, since the event is FREE, we won't actually be giving any money back, but you get the idea, YOU"LL BE HAPPY YOU CAME!)

We really hope to see you Tuesday night!

Liberty Books
176 W. Crogan St.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046